“The capabilities of Hamas are a hundred times greater, Hezbollah is a thousand”

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Former deputy commander of the Gaza Division, General Nitzan Nuriel, gave an interview to Radio Tsaphon.

Nuriel summed up the operation Dawn: “From a professional standpoint, it was a success. The assigned tasks have been completed. But don't get confused with the results. The enemy was not the strongest adversary in the Middle East. The intensity of the fire was unpleasant, but it is definitely nothing compared to what Hamas or Hezbollah can do.

Nouriel continued: “I am far from being dismissive of the enemy, but everything should be seen in proportion. Gaza has been and remains hostile to Israel. It is true that at this point in time Hamas and the State of Israel had a common interest in weakening Islamic Jihad. Therefore, we saw that Hamas was sitting on the sidelines, and in the end even forced the jihad to a truce.

The general warned: “It should be remembered that Hamas has 50, 100 times more capabilities than Hezbollah – 1000 times more than jihad. It is true that 1,000 rockets and mortar shells fired in three days is a lot, but let's now imagine what happens in a general clash, what we call a conflict on all fronts. This is a wake-up call to all who believe that gaps in home front protection will resolve themselves. Even the Iron Dome has a “ceiling”. In the event of a war on several fronts, everything will look completely different – and we must be prepared for this”.

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