The Cabinet was told about pensions in 2019: “there are problems”

В Кабмине рассказали о пенсиях в 2019 году: "есть проблемы"

Representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers has already determined the amount to allocate to the needs of elderly Ukrainians

Recently, the government adopted the Pension Fund budget for 2019. Officials from the Ministry of social policy reported, how much money to allocate for pensions from the state budget. According to the decision of the Cabinet, the revenues of the identified 398 in the amount of 178,1 million, and expenditure in 734,1 397 million.

Employees of the Ministry are sure that the specified amount is enough to ensure all payments according to the legislation of Ukraine. The list includes the pensions and various enhancement and social allowance for retirees.

В Кабмине рассказали о пенсиях в 2019 году: "есть проблемы"

At the same time, the Pension Fund deficit in 2019 will reach 168 billion. In the Ministry stressed that the adopted budget is balanced and will allow port the shortfall of the Pension Fund.

But experts think otherwise, warning about the dangerous financial trends in Ukraine. The first Deputy head of Joint representative body of employers side at national level Kinakh told reporters that the Pension Fund from year to year only increases its deficit. He reminded that last year the shortfall was $ 160 billion. Thus, the deficit should increase by another 8 billion.

Anatoliy Kinakh believes that this year the Cabinet will be able to improve the situation. According to his observations, the measures of the government taken earlier, proved ineffective. However, officials do not plan to change the economic strategy and risk to aggravate the situation of the Pension Fund.

В Кабмине рассказали о пенсиях в 2019 году: "есть проблемы"

Earlier the representative of the “Reanimation package of reforms” in the pension scheme Galina Tretyakova talked about the upcoming increase in pensions in 2019. The government is going to index payments for the 9 million Ukrainian pensioners.

From 1 January the cost of living has risen to 62 UAH. Such a raise will be given to the holders of minimum pensions. March 1, officials will arrange another indexation, given the level of inflation. It’s half the growth rate of the wage Fund in 2018 and add half of the inflation rate.

The expert said that indexation will take place according to the formula adopted in October 2017, so the increase will not affect all. After all, some pensions exceed this formula. “Therefore, those who have pension more than the formula, even with indexing, will remain present value of the pension.” It is worth noting that in the three years to 2018, the average salary was 3894 hryvnia.

We will remind, the government has recognized the consumer basket of Ukrainians illegal and changing standards.

As reported Politeka, the Kremlin has postural Russians, “Putin said their GP doesn’t know him the money in the bedside table stack”.

Politeka also reported on recent changes in the pension system.

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