The businessman sells the compost from fallen leaves and monthly earn 25-30 thousand UAH

Our money is under our feet.

Підприємець продає компост з опалого листя і щомісяця заробляє 25-30 тисяч гривень

“I do not understand those who constantly complain, they say, hard to live, no money, no work – sigh Peter Timchuk.

– Lazy and do not want to even think. And I say this: our money is at our feet. I managed to raise them? Why others can not?”

…We sit in the courtyard against the old house. Peter moved here recently. Left the city abandoned three-bedroom apartments and comfort, and rushed out into the wilderness-as close to nature as possible from civilization. Neither wife nor children did not happen. Wanted to live as a hermit. He was sure: in a remote village, the movies, and don’t starve. And the Council itself will produce. Especially that close to home — a flower bed, garden, well. What more need a man?

“Thought to grow cereals, vegetables, I will trade apples or nuts – smiles.

— Did so, but not for long. Confused with such fishing as a cat laugh. No, life is enough, not starving and thin. And I wanted another. When I was younger, he went to work in Germany and Poland. Saw every fall, carefully gather fallen leaves and produce from his organic fertilizer. The technology is simple — composting.

And what do we have? Sorry, at this time to leave the house is impossible: everyone in the garden or in the garden — lit a fire. Smoke as though a gas mask dress. What good is this? No. But only pity – and the environment, and health. I tried to convince, that do not wish to hear. They say that doing it all. “No, – cried out passionately. – And I’ll prove it. You’ll see, you’ll still envy me.”

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Said and done: I started to rake the leaves and put in compost piles. Then Peter tymchuk did not know that this protest would soon turn into a promising business. Now his garden is heaving with people: wherever you look, everywhere piles of fallen leaves. Assemble it anywhere, even on the street or in the nearby forest, and gives here for composting, writes media

“Stacked layers, explains. – Thickness — about 15 centimetres, then sprinkled with soil, and again leaves… One word, doing something like a leafy soil of the pie. And even with the warm water and watered and covered with plastic wrap to accelerate the process of turning into compost. Such burty I have not only in the garden, but in the stables under roof. For each heap inhabit Californian worms and they work tirelessly and respite.”

“What do you do with your vermicompost?” – ask. “Like what? – surprised. – Packaged in bags and take to the stores to sell. Almost no cost. When bought some worms. They so multiplied that it is now undone my sheets in a month. Especially in the warm season. Not lazy in winter.

I never thought that the fallen leaves to make 25-30 thousand hryvnia. The house was repaired, bought used cars to deliver the goods. Now I want to put rooftop solar panels”.

“And how do you take your fishing neighbor?” – interested in. “I invented a new excuse for their laziness – smiles. – Say, I have already occupied niche. Therefore, they have no prospects. However, as they say, not all. Some, you see, started to composted leaves. So at least in the village it will be easier to breathe.”

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