The businessman of 30 thousand dollars “ordered” the ex-wife

The woman disappeared in March, and only after 8 months the police figured out what happened to her

Бізнесмен за 30 тисяч доларів "замовив" колишню дружину

The strange disappearance

32-year-old Alla Chernyak looking for all Dnipropetrovsk. Leaflets with the pictures of her were posted in all districts, dozens of volunteers combed the plantations and imersive. Alla worked as a manicurist, and that day, March 6, was on a private call. Always took clients at home, and then made the exception. One lady a month to persuade the girl to come to her, even offered to pay for a taxi. An hour after Alla went to his client, her phone stopped taking calls, and she disappeared.

Native immediately felt something was wrong, because the person that she was very responsible and could not leave unsupervised 13-year-old daughter and 2-year-old boy, whose last two years have brought one.

Alla didn’t take any strange acquaintances, – said then the aunt of the girl Bella Merkulov. She had a very narrow circle of friends and men she was treated with caution. Believed that it is better to be alone than with anyone anyhow.

Just three weeks after the disappearance the police found her in the river documents: passport and birth certificate of the youngest son. After that the search has stalled. Are unable to help neither a private detective nor clairvoyants who were asked by relatives. Said only that the living will not find it.

Бізнесмен за 30 тисяч доларів "замовив" колишню дружину

In the summer, bell turned in the transfer of “Battle of psychics.” She promised that the crew will definitely come to Dnepropetrovsk. But on 5 November, the police detained three young men involved in the girl’s disappearance. They admitted that killed Alla by order of her ex-husband Igor.

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– Killed with special cruelty, and the body buried in the forest, near the place where last seen, – said Bella. – To find out it was only clothing.

The investigators found: a woman under the pretext manicure lured to the outskirts of the city. There three men “cut down” her with a Taser and then taken by car to the forest plantation. There stuck in the back of a sharp metal rod and buried in pre-dug pit. In confirmation of the execution of the murder the criminals photographed already dead Alla, the showed her husband, and received from him 30 thousand dollars.

The family was greedy, but murder generous

That all this was arranged by a former husband, the father of the youngest son of Alla, aunt guessed.

– He’s a wealthy man, accustomed that he gets away with it, – the woman speaks. For him nothing is sacred. You know, because he often came after the disappearance of Alla, empathized, gave money to the search, took to himself a son.

Alla broke up with 52-year-old Igor, who lived in a civil marriage, when the son of Tamerlane was only a few months. Supposedly she accused her husband of infidelity, Packed up and moved to an apartment that belongs to the mother of Igor, and at that time was empty. Husband repeatedly tried to get her back, but to no avail.

He came to son, sometimes passed something through my driver – told friends of Alla. – From time to time, behaved aggressively, threw: “Get out of my house!”. But then sort of retreated.

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Бізнесмен за 30 тисяч доларів "замовив" колишню дружину

About a man say that having your business and good earning, he was very greedy. Money alle never gave, and bought what she asked for. Who knew Igor people wonder how he forked killers. It turned out he was still cheating but Tamerlan he has three children from different women. The eldest son by his first wife, with whom he is still married, a few years ago died in a car accident. At the same time, according to relatives, Igor was terribly jealous of Alla and several times beat her.

Relatives fear that Igor will be able to avoid punishment. Prior to that, he got into some kind of trouble, even seriously beaten, threatened court, but it never came. Here and now are afraid that will pay off.

The police have not yet spoken, came on the trail of the killers. Reported only that the customer and the perpetrators arrested and give evidences. Before the trial, they would be in jail. All four Shine up to life imprisonment.

Children of Alla still don’t know anything about that mom found. Eldest daughter Tanya since the disappearance spent a lot of time with his father, the first husband of Alla and Junior Tamerlane, who in December will turn 3. now with the first wife of Igor rest in Western Ukraine.

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