The brutal murder of a repatriate and a war veteran revealed

The brutal murder of a repatriate and war veteran is revealed

Thanks to new technology, the police managed to extract DNA from the sock that the killer left in the apartment of the brutally murdered 93-year-old Semyon Violin. The body of a man with traces of violence was found in his apartment in Ma'alot. From the conclusion of the pathologist, it followed that the death occurred as a result of head injuries and suffocation. Judging by the condition of the apartment, the investigators concluded that Violin did not just give up – there was a real fight on the spot.

The burglar who entered the apartment without shoes was obviously taken by surprise by the sensitivity of the elderly man who serious rebuff. During the fight, he lost a sock, which remained on the body of the killed.

During these six years, the police unsuccessfully tried to get a DNA trace, and now, thanks to new technology, they succeeded.

At the moment, the suspect has been arrested, a number of interrogations have already been carried out and will soon be indicted.

The head of the murder investigation in the Central Branch of the Northern District, Major General Arik Lugassi, said: “ Investigation of the murder introduced us to the life of the late Semyon Violin, a former Red Army officer who fought in World War II against the Nazis, emigrated to Israel and began to practice sports fencing in the city of Ma'alot. A real warrior who, even at his old age, 93, tried to fight a young robber who was almost 70 years older than him. We are satisfied that the suspect will not escape punishment, and we are doing everything in our power to stop deciphering new murders, even if many years have passed since they were committed. ”

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