The brutal murder in Kherson: the killer was beaten to death by the new husband’s ex-wife, and the second ripped the intestines

Жестокое убийство в Херсоне: убийца забил до смерти нового мужа бывшей жены, а второму разорвал кишечник

The brutal murder in Kherson

A visitor from Kherson to S. Stanislav (Belozersky district) was beaten to death by one local resident, the second severely crippled

31-the summer inhabitant of the snigirevsky district (Mykolaiv region) came to work in Kherson. He called from Stanislaus ex-wife. He offered to come to discuss who will live their 2 children. Ex-husband arrived.

About it reports the with reference to “Typical Kherson”.

The conversation ended in a quarrel. The screams popped up a new husband. A fight broke out. Ex-husband grabbed a stick, from which protruded rusty nails, and blows to the head and scored a new husband to death. Then went to wander the streets of the village.

There his trouble caught 44-year-old Stanislaus, which were not related to the previous conflict. But he was not lucky – aggressive newcomer had a fight with him. He is a man “crushed with blows of hands and feet.

In Kiev, a woman fell from the ninth floor

The peasants miraculously survived but was in intensive care regional hospital with a perforated intestine and peritonitis.

He underwent surgery, but the patient’s condition remains grave, and to question it is not allow doctors. Police have identified the suspect. He is hiding from the investigation, looking for him.

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