The brothers risked life and pulled a family from a burning car: “Everyone was shouting “Run!”

Братья рискнули жизнью и вытащили семью из пылающего авто: "Все кричали "Бегите!"

It became known that recently the brothers of Umud and Sabir Shirinova who live in Nikolaev, pulled out of the burning car three people

This was reported by Adil Babayev on his page in social network Facebook.

So, according to men, the brothers of Umud and Sabir Shirinova on the way from hotel-cafe “Ingul” is located outside the city of Nikolaev, saw the overturned trailer from the truck. They stopped the car, and then approached the driver of the truck. As it turned out, literally 40-50 feet away from them on the side of a burning overturned car, and in the cabin a child was crying, said “you”.

“When the elder brother of Umud asked the truck driver why you stand, it is necessary to help — to pull out of the burning car of the child and other passengers, he replied it was late and he was not going to risk my life. Brothers Shirinova not confused… They knew that every second counts. They are risking their lives, rushed to pull out of a burning jeep of the child,” wrote Babayev.

Братья рискнули жизнью и вытащили семью из пылающего авто: "Все кричали "Бегите!"

They smashed the side window in the car, but it didn’t help. Then Sabir has offered to break the trunk, and through him to get to the car. This way they managed to get the crying child and after him the mother. In the car between the front seats was the father, and at the same time a gas cylinder very quickly approached the fire. Everyone was shouting: “Run! We will have a blast!”.

Братья рискнули жизнью и вытащили семью из пылающего авто: "Все кричали "Бегите!"

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The incident

“Brothers Shirinova despite the obvious danger rushed through the trunk, breaking the seat, and pulled the child’s father, who was unconscious and stuck between the seats. A minute later the gas tank exploded in the car” — described the situation Babayev.

After rescuing the family on the place of road accident there arrived employees of gschs and ambulance. The brothers followed the ambulance to the hospital. They materially assisted in the rescue of a child.

Братья рискнули жизнью и вытащили семью из пылающего авто: "Все кричали "Бегите!"

“The brothers Sirenevyh Umeda and Sabir also have a family and have each two children. They are members of the Congress of Azerbaijanis of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. We all say: “Thank you guys for the feat, for courage and heroism in order to save human lives!”, — said Babaev.

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