The British received a letter sent to 112 years ago

Британка получила письмо, отправленное 112 лет назад

An unusual case has surprised many.

24-year-old resident of Devon (United Kingdom) Michael Webber found an unexpected gem in the mail – a letter sent to 112 years ago. It is dated 1907 and was sent on Christmas eve, the former owner of the house where she now lives, reports the with reference for Today.

“At first I thought that in the house lived a Ghost! It’s incredible really,” says Michael Webber. She also added that in the letter, she found a postcard, which shows the local houses built in the late XIX century in Plymouth. On the reverse side of a albert apologized to Wee for the fact that he can’t come on Tuesday because of poor health. Webber decided to see who could be the addressee of this message, and came to the conclusion that Mrs Wiltshire, who lived in her house since 1901 and died in 1990.

The Briton plans to find her family and give them the find. Royal mail said that the card could not be lost for such a long time, most likely someone sent her recently.

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