The Bridgerton star has been voted the most handsome man in the world.

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 The Bridgerton's star is recognized as the most handsome man in the world< /p>

Surgeon Julian De Silva annually uses the Greek golden intersection rule of beauty and publishes lists of the most beautiful women and actors in the world. The Daily Mail writes about this.

As an example, De Silva uses film actors, models and singers. This year is “perfect” handsome, in his opinion, was Rege-Jean Page from the series "Bridgerton".

Rege-Jean Page, 34, who starred in the Netflix series The Bridgertons Duke of Hastings, corresponds to the parameters of the ideal by 93.65%. Surgeon De Silva explained that he won because of his “classically handsome face and beautiful brown eyes.”

“He had the highest score for the distance between his eyes, and the placement of his eyes was also highly rated. His lips – the ideal shape was also highly rated, and the only score that was slightly lower was related to the width and length of the nose, – the researcher said.

The second place according to the standards of the Greek golden ratio of beauty was given to film actor Chris Hemsworth, the star of the Thor films. – he has 93.65% of the “ideal”. Julian De Silva gave the third place to the film actor of “Black Panther”. Michael B Jordan – it is 93.46% ideal according to Greek standards. Also fourth place went to musician Harry Styles – 92.30%, and the fifth – football player of the club "Borussia" Dortmund Jude Bellingham 92.22%.

George Clooney still has 89.91%, even though he has lost ground in the hottie rankings over the years.

“The fact that he is still in the top 10 at the age of 61, remarkable and a testament to his incredible natural beauty,” said De Silva.

According to the researcher and director of the Center for Advanced Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in London, he uses advanced computer technology to determine the ideal.
< br /> “These brand new computer mapping techniques allow us to unravel some of the secrets of what makes a person physically beautiful, and the technology is useful in planning patients' surgery,” – says Julian.

Recall that according to the latest lists of a surgeon among women, the most beautiful woman in his parameters was the star of the TV series “Killing Eve”; Jody Commer. According to Silva, the characteristics of a star are 94.52% consistent with the golden ratio of beauty.

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