The bride Rozenko spoke about the personal: “the Stubborn bison”

Невеста Розенко разоткровенничалась о личном: "Упрямство бизона"

Elena-Cristina Swan always cheerful and active. Even a weekend or holiday, the presenter spends in traffic. And so it was in childhood

“A cheerful disposition and activity is clearly innate. But my family was active and cheerful. Parents loved to invite guests and walk in guests. In General, social guys, who also did not give me to miss,” said the beloved Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko, reports Clutch.

Невеста Розенко разоткровенничалась о личном: "Упрямство бизона"

Itself in childhood Elena-Cristina Swan compares with the turbo-propeller with the obstinacy of Buffalo. According to the star, with such a character she would be great did you work in the SBU, which she then dreamed of.

“I was even enrolled in the University, but flunked one of three questions. Because Cybernetics has received in passing. I went to the market just past the University and saw that closes the set in a group. Exam one – higher mathematics! But mathematics have always been all very good. The next day came, shot exam for the highest score and received. And have not regretted. Because the Institute is still creatively revealed: play KVN”, – told Elena-Cristina Swan.

Now active and cheerful personality help the presenter to catch online scammers and expose their fraudulent scheme. Earlier, the Ukrainian leading Elena-Cristina Swan showed photos with her lover – the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Rozenko. The she has published on the personal page in Instagram.

The photo couple hugging tenderly on the Christmas tree.

“Until two-thirty to maraetai tree as if it were the Madonna for the styling came from! But the result is already in the nose stings with emotion and ringing bells. The holiday is coming!”, — wrote Swan.

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Невеста Розенко разоткровенничалась о личном: "Упрямство бизона"

Note, a personal photo of the Minister and the leader provoked a strong reaction in the network: “Having a beautiful wife, kids to covet these bones.It’s terrible. Look disgusting. Although I would not put themselves on display. What a shame”.

We will remind, Ukrainians pounced on the young passion Rozenko: Betrayed the family for the sake of the sun.

As he wrote Politeka, actor, “Diesel show” has decided to compete with Rozenko: fear has a competitor.

Also Politeka wrote that young passion Rozenko, Minister openly talked about their relationship: I was constantly laughing.

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