The body of Michael Jackson would get out of the coffin: “unable to recognize the serial child molester”

Тело Майкла Джексона достанут из гроба: "могут признать серийным растлителем"

Late in 2009 the King of pop Michael Jackson has decided to exhume: a new version of sexual harassment to children

The body of Michael Jackson should be exhumed for a DNA test after new allegations of abuse to children, said prosecutors.

Тело Майкла Джексона достанут из гроба: "могут признать серийным растлителем"The tomb of Michael Jackson is in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in California

As reported by the new York times, eleven people demanded the exhumation of pop the king out of his grave in California, where he was buried after his death on 26 June in 2009.

As reported by Radar online, the body of Michael Jackson “can be exhumed from his tomb to prove that he was a serial molester”.

Тело Майкла Джексона достанут из гроба: "могут признать серийным растлителем"

These statements, published after the review of the coroner, which suggests that the DNA of Jackson will shed light on the truth or falsity advanced to him posthumously of the charges.

However, representatives of Jackson categorically denied the exhumation of the singer. Additionally, the allegations in the article Radar team Jackson acknowledged untrue and maliciously false.

The story Radar Online published after the controversial documentary, which sounded fresh claims of sexual abuse by Michael Jackson.

The documentary debuted at the Sundance festival at the end of last month.

It contained a video allegations of abuse against Jackson two, who shocked critics.

Earlier it was reported that fans of Michael Jackson, who died in the summer of 2009, claim that their favorite singer is alive and well. As proof you can see the pictures, which depicted the king of pop.

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya remembers how to communicate with Western music Manager and he suggested that the planned “Grand Scam”.

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“Only just became aware that Jackson announced tour of 50 concerts. And this Manager said to me, “No concerts will not. On the eve of their Michael will disappear. And the whole world will tremble from the biggest Scam of the century!”, — said Rudkovskaya.

According to the Russian producer, the death of the king of pop was beneficial to him. Stagnation in creativity, debt, the constant harassment in the press – all incredibly pressed for Jackson. Close noted that suffered no purse Michael and his ego – star couldn’t bear extinction. And after the death of his compositions again soared to the top of the charts, “compacts” sweeps away for the day, books about the king of pop culture re-sold for incredible money, and buy an autograph Jackson could afford only millionaires. It was the dream singer, the repetition of his finest hours, a second wind.

“Jackson tore to pieces and he would be damn nice,” said one of his show-makers.

Recall, the beauty, the daughter of Michael Jackson was immediately operated on without anesthesia.

As reported Politeka, Michael Jackson was deprived of manhood in childhood.

Also Politeka wrote what popped up the shocking mystery of Michael Jackson why he changed the color of the skin.

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