The body of an unknown rocket crashed into the moon

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 An unknown rocket body crashed into the Moon

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A new double crater has been formed on the surface of the Moon after an unknown missile body crashed into it. Now astronomers are trying to figure out where it came from and who launched it, CNN reports.

Astronomers have long discovered a piece of space debris in the form of a rocket fragment near the Moon and assumed that it would hit the Earth's satellite, but they did not expect that the collision would be so significant: as a result of the March 4 impact two craters with diameters of 18 and 16 meters were formed at once. Together they create a depression approximately 28 meters wide.

“As a rule, the mass of spent rockets is concentrated at the end of the engine, and the rest of the stage consists mainly of an empty fuel tank. The new occurrence of a double crater may indicate that this object had large masses at both ends when it crashed into the Moon,” NASA explained.

The exact origin of the rocket body, which turned into space debris many years ago, is unclear, therefore may help astronomers determine what it was.

Independent researcher Bill Gray, developer of software for tracking orbits in space, was the first to notice the trajectory of an unknown object. At first, he took it as the stage of a SpaceX Falcon or DSCOVR rocket launched back in 2015, but later admitted that he was mistaken.

2014. However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry disputes this claim, stating that the booster “safely entered the Earth's atmosphere and burned up completely.”

debris from rockets in deep space, CNN concludes.

However, according to experts, a much more serious problem is space debris in low Earth orbit, where it can collide with satellites, lead to the formation of even more debris and threaten the lives of crews of manned spacecraft .

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