The body of a woman found on a bed in Kiev: “the tragedy is cluttered with puzzles”

Труп женщины нашли на клумбе в Киеве: "трагедия обрастает загадками"

In Kiev on prospect Vozdukhoflotsky battered woman jumped out of the window

It happened today, February 10.The body is blood lying in the flower bed near the house №48/2.

The call to emergency services was received at about 11:30.

According to preliminary information, the woman jumped from the third floor window. Arrived at the doctors could only say death. The body had obvious signs of abuse: bruises on the face, arms, legs and torso. But she died from hitting the ground.

Militiamen identified the personality of the deceased. She was a woman of 1981 year of birth, previously convicted for drug trafficking.

Труп женщины нашли на клумбе в Киеве: "трагедия обрастает загадками"

Труп женщины нашли на клумбе в Киеве: "трагедия обрастает загадками"

Previously, she lived in that apartment, which jumped out. One of the witnesses said that around 11:00 saw the deceased in shorts and sweater was sitting on the windowsill, legs dangling outside. On the window left traces of blood. According to the owner of the apartment, he gave shelter to several people, but the dead had seen for the first time. Neighbors told the police that the apartment was a “stash”, they often complained about the noise and “drunken scuffle”.

The circumstances under which the incident occurred, is unknown. But police say that a window that had lost someone closed the latch. But on their arrival no one was inside. The place worked patrol, investigative team and physicians. Details of the incident are established.

Recently, a similar incident occurred in Kiev. From the window of the Vladimir Cathedral of the fallen man.

It is known that he fell from the second floor window. Fortunately, the man survived, but received a closed craniocerebral injury and was taken to the hospital for further treatment. Eyewitnesses questioned by the police.

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Now it is impossible to say whether the incident was an accident or the man decided to commit suicide. On a scene worked it is investigatory-operative group, police and ambulance staff.

Still recall that there were details about the student-a freshman who died under mysterious circumstances in the campus of KPI them. Sikorsky.

In addition, it was reported that the Kharkov fell out of the window of the fifth floor in the Industrial area of the city.

More edition Politeka wrote that 15-year-old girl jumped out the window.

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