The bodies of the young couple discovered near Zhitomir: details of the strange tragedy

Трупы молодых супругов обнаружены под Житомиром: детали странной трагедии

As a result of an accident killed a young family

About this informed the press-service of the national police in the Zhytomyr region.

It is reported that the tragedy occurred in Berdichev.

Трупы молодых супругов обнаружены под Житомиром: детали странной трагедии

In particular, the militiamen turned a worried man, who could not contact their 35-year-old son and his 36-year-old wife. To the scene, the security forces arrived, along with a resident of Berdichev.

The evening of 10 February, a man climbed into the house, where they found the body of the son and his young wife with no signs of life. At survey of the room was the smell of carbon monoxide. In addition, the corpses bore the marks of poisoning with this substance.

On this fact openly criminal proceedings and bodies of the spouses directed on examination. It is noted that in the bathroom, where he discovered the bodies, installed gas equipment and the gas heating.

Трупы молодых супругов обнаружены под Житомиром: детали странной трагедии

Previously, we reported that a large family was burned alive in the fire. In the village Polana (Novosibirsk region) in a private house were burned to death 37-year-old mother and her four minor children. The youngest was only six months old, the oldest was six.

The fire started at night when all family members were sleeping. The head of the family was in the next room. He was awakened by the sound of the fire alarm, which is triggered when the house was enveloped in thick smoke.

Jumped into the street, the man started to cut the plastic Windows with an axe to save his family. Due to a sharp puff of air trapped in the room sparked the fire. The fire is so quickly engulfed the room that the mother and children waiting for help, died a horrible death.

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Recall, a terrible fire engulfed a hospital: “the Corpses lay on the sidewalk, around the chaos.”

As reported Politeka the fire in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra could not be random: police arrested the alleged arsonist.

Also Politeka wrote about the most terrible and large-scale fires of last year.

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