The biggest challenge in a woman’s life

What do you think the hardest in the life of every woman? The labor pains? The dependence on the husband? A disorderly mind?


Найважче випробування в житті жінки

What do you think the hardest in the life of every woman? The labor pains? The dependence on the husband? A disorderly mind? The Vedas are the answers to all the questions, including this one. There is nothing more difficult for a woman than her own mood.

When a woman says that nothing can be done about it – it’s true. She really can’t do anything. Sometimes a bad mood begins with a situation of misconduct of the husband or the mess at home. Sometimes from fatigue and lack of sleep. But more often it occurs out of nowhere. Got up as usual. And as always. And everything seems to be good. And you feel bad.

And when women feel bad, she’s looking for a reason.

Найважче випробування в житті жінки

It can’t be just like that! And finds – for us it is easy. A little more intently peers at close. See their shortcomings even more acute, says every mistake. Constantly asks himself the question: “what’s wrong?”. And finds new answers.

Even if, for example, a man will try to do everything perfectly – it is doomed to failure. It will feel like saying: “whatever makes a fool, all he is doing is wrong.” Not a hug, not my comfort, not wash the dishes, do not say.

An untrained person it can also be deduced very quickly and will break out a quarrel, scandal. When she would say that she’s arrogant and doesn’t appreciate anything. And she, of course, reply that he does not like and does not understand it.

By the way, after the tumultuous surge of emotions and their release during an argument, she can become easier. Especially if she suppresses her emotions. Was from all the crying, practicals – and somehow it became easier suddenly. Already not such a terrible mood.

Just no strength.

And anything the woman does not get tired, as from herself. When she’s in a bad mood. When you do not want to spoil relations and the mood of others, but I can’t. When your favorite people are annoying. When nothing pleases, nothing happens. Her inner anguish from this sentiment several times stronger than the sufferings of man does not understand. So she is glad to stop, but nothing can be done. No help nor way of raising the energy, nor lectures, not even prayer. More precisely, pray do not feel like it or not.

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Familiar? For example, I really. Before this mood often tormented me. It took me after the birth of the son. Often comes during pregnancy if I have little rest. And when stressful circumstances – becomes a frequent visitor.

What affects women’s mood?

Найважче випробування в житті жінки

I want to say that everything and nothing at the same time, but still there are some risk factors.

The woman soon falls into a bad mood if:

She didn’t get enough sleep.

She’s tired.

It does not take care of yourself and do not take care of themselves.

She’s stressed out and mad race for anything.

She herself doesn’t like, she doesn’t like her clothes, hair, figure.

Her “women’s days” or so.

She is the sounding Board for all and tries to be all good.

Now new moon, full moon, Eclipse, or other astrological collapse.

It accumulates negative emotions and no one expressed.

She’s hungry.

The house she a mess.

She had no one to complain about their sorrows.

She has a young child, especially before the year – or she’s pregnant.

She forbids herself to be in a bad mood.

In her life a little bodily contact with other people.

All this – and not only this leads to increased natural female sensitivity, creates a stronger mood swings.

The more tense a woman’s life, the more likely that very often in the morning she would get up already tired. And Vice versa – when a woman lives in a power saving mode, bad mood comes to her once a month or even less frequently.

What is a Mature position? To control your mood and always smile? Or minimize such unexpected and unpleasant meeting?

To completely get rid of a bad mood is impossible. It will still sometimes roll. Trying to glue a smile on your face when inside I feel sick is a crime against his own soul.

First you need to afford sometimes to be in a bad mood. You know, a very interesting thing, when we are struggling with what it amplifies. Stronger fight – grows again. And when we allow ourselves sometimes to be stupid, to be bad, to be mean – such manifestations becomes smaller.

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The adoption of his bad moods and such an important step.

Without it everything else loses power. Nothing will help until the woman say his bad mood: “Yes! You came today. Well, come on in, make yourself comfortable, make yourself at home”. Not defeated, and through his teeth. And sincerely. There is a time to cast away stones, there is time to collect them. There is a time to embrace, is to refrain from embracing. This cycle of life.

Emotions are part of life.

For women is a huge part of it. There is nothing more important and more terrible emotions of a woman. If she accepts them and knows how to handle them, it becomes the master , can work wonders. If not, Baba Yaga, who kills herself and their loved ones at the same time.

As the weather is impossible this situation is that the sun always shines and no rain. Then the earth will become a desert. As in any fertile area sometimes it rains. Occasional thunderstorms – that can be compared with a large surge of negative emotions women her discharge.

When I allow myself sometimes to be not in the spirit, I find it easier to come up with rules that in this case to do. For example, got off on the wrong foot – warned home. Even better – at some time withdrew. Went and still lie in bed alone. Ate in the morning something delicious. Lay in a bath or took a shower.

Warned family members will likely be relieved. They’re not today who do not understand, but just one of those days. And wife-my mom got off on the wrong foot. Perhaps there will be less to disturb you. And maybe even something to help, to make it easier.

You can also think about safety for yourself – time to go to bed and time to eat. Take care to look in the mirror was pleasing. To limit the communication when you feel that you are giving other people too much power. Negative emotions that have accumulated to live – to write letters of grievances to put their personal boundaries, to forgive, to let go.

Do not interfere, and to be aware of their own cycles: women and cycles of the moon, as much depends on it. Forewarned is forearmed. By the way, in ancient times, almost all women were versed in astrology at the household level. That is, when is the best time to cut hair when the new clothes to wear, when to deliver, when progenerate home. Without the recesses in the card and transits. Simple and useful things in the economy.

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Take care of yourself. To live in a power saving mode. For example, in our family there is one great rule to go positive. From any location, whether guests, beach, Park, shop – to leave at the peak. When nobody is tired, nobody is cranky, when all is well. Then there are the forces normal to get home, and the trip is remembered for good.

The same can be done in any situation – communicating with friends, to go on a positive note. Not waiting when things will start to complain about life. To finish shopping at the peak of pleasure, not the moment when the empty wallet. Giving to charity to the point where you and others very well. To walk with your child as much as you in joy.

To save my energy. It is not infinite. It ends as if suddenly. And in fact, the approaching end can be felt – if we learn to listen to your body and your soul. To leave energy for yourself – don’t give away everything without a trace other people, even if it’s close. You need this energy to recover and again tomorrow to be in shape.

A bad mood is like a rainy day. It is necessary just to survive.

Eventually you’ll even learn to enjoy it. After all, you can all day to lie in bed is to afford such a luxury. Or watch a sad movie and cry. Or allow yourself with no one to talk to. Or throw away all the trash that you are annoyed for a long time, but all hands did not reach.

A rainy day is no less important than the sun. Especially if to treat him not as a caret or a nightmare, but as part of life. Necessary to inside and outside were in harmony.

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