The best way to predict your children's future is to create it

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 The best way to predict your children's future is to create it

Nowadays, for almost all parents, it is important for the harmonious development of their child in all spheres of life. The emphasis is now not only on school
education and general erudition. Communication skills, the so-called soft skills, are no less important than knowledge; the ability to quickly apply this knowledge in practice and the ability to convey information, that is, to some extent, leadership qualities, are also highly valued now. One way to develop these qualities is to participate in Israeli youth movements: according to official IDF statistics, 35% of graduates of these movements hold command positions, and of their peers who were not in such organizations, only 14% achieve this. And that's just the army!

Organization “a-Noar a-oved ve a-lomed” for more than 100 years helping schoolchildren to spend their free time in an interesting and, importantly, – with benefit. This all-Israel movement brings together youth of all ages and social statuses, without distinction by country of origin or whether a child was born in the country or immigrated just yesterday.

 The best way to predict your children's future is to create it

Today, this is especially true, because in recent months more than 25,000 new immigrants have arrived in Israel, and among them there are many families with children. Adaptability and flexibility, of course, are inherent in children, but a new language, climate, and unusual environment can unsettle anyone. A child of any age, unable to cope with problems, can withdraw into himself, which, unfortunately, can lead to rather sad consequences.

It is in such a situation that additional help from Israeli youth organizations is especially important. They have different directions and goals, but one of their main tasks today – it is a help in adapting and integrating children and adolescents into local realities.

 The best way to predict your children's future is to create it

Movement affects absolutely all spheres of life, teaches the child responsibility, communication with people and the outside world. Children gain leadership experience and become mentors for younger pupils, learn to find solutions in non-obvious situations that life will repeatedly confront them with. For completely new immigrants there is an opportunity to study Hebrew for.

It is important to note that all – this is not amateur performance, the events are held with the permission and support of the Ministry of Education and the schools where the children study.

offer to your child?

For students in grades 4-8: meetings 2 times a week in the city of residence. Fun and informal activities include learning Hebrew, educational excursions, learning about the history of the State of Israel, field trips and more!

For students in grades 9-12: 2 sessions per week, one meeting is dedicated to help in learning Hebrew, and the second in a free format – communication, discussions, games and more.

 The best way to predict the future of your children - create it

Sukkot Adventure – an amazing hike, sleep under the stars, new acquaintances and impressions, unforgettable memories for your child! You don't have to be a member of the movement to go hiking, but it's a great opportunity for your child to get to know them and experience a truly Israeli atmosphere.

Think about your child's future today, sign them up october

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