The best time for sports training

Названо лучшее время для спортивных тренировок

Physical exertion at different times of the day affect the body is not the same.

Formal training is more useful for health than the morning because our body uses less oxygen. To such conclusion the joint team of researchers from the US and Israel, reports the with reference to PROMAN.

In experiments involving laboratory mice, scientists have found that in the evening physical exertion by 50% more effective. The fact that in the evening, while training the rodents needed less oxygen, and their body was observed an increased level of a substance which increases the metabolic activity of tissues.

According to experts, physical activity influences circadian rhythms or internal clock, which are associated with the cycles of sleep and awakening. They allow us to prepare for precise and regular external influences that affect the eating and sleeping.

Circadian rhythms are found in the nervous system and the peripheral organs, they play an important role in DNA repair, fertility, and even the effectiveness of the medication. If our body does not accept such signals, the circadian rhythms can completely get out of sync.

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According to the researchers, people with impaired circadian rhythms have a shorter lifespan, they are more likely to have tumors and various sleep disorders like insomnia. These disorders can be the consequence either of a failure of the body’s internal clock, or refusal of a person to yield to external conditions, for example, when working the night shift.

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