The best recipes of lemonades, retreat from the heat

Лучшие рецепты лимонадов, спасающих от жары

The drink can replace a meal.

Strawberries with cucumber or honey with lemon. Nutritionists during the heat suggest to diversify the diet of homemade lemonade. Fruit drink may even replace one of the meals. However, abuse they should not. About the benefits and harms of soft drinks, writes the with reference to Toneto.

“Lemon balm and mint need a good wash from all sorts of bugs and insects” – said from Kiev Asya Konopelnyk.

The greens in their own garden she grows specifically for homemade lemonade. Her family is the main summer drink. The preparation takes no more than half an hour. So a cool cocktail is always in the fridge.

“Lemonade is super fast. Juice, for example, need to wash, boil, cool, and lemonade can be poured any water,” says Asya.

She adds in a jug a bundle of lemon balm, a few slices of fresh cucumber, half lemon and a spoon of honey. All that you need to pour water and serve chilled.

This recipe hostess myself and from time to time, experimenting with new ingredients. However, despite the love for lemonade, plain water does not give up.

Nutritionists drink with fruit approve, but suggest to add to a glass not half of a lemon or half a kilo of strawberries and a few drops or pieces.

“Strawberry contains organic acids, it is also often acidic. And for those people who have ulcer in the acute stage, the ulcer enterocolitis in acute, them strawberries it is advisable not to consume in the moment, not to cause inflammation and more discomfort in the gastro-intestinal tract”, says dietitian Julia povoroznyk.

Doctors told about the peculiarities of nutrition in the heat

And drink such soft drinks better after the main meal. But to quench their thirst tea, or milk specialist is not advised at all. Lactose products perishable in the summer, and the tea retains fluid in the body, which can lead to edema.

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