The best pizza has been identified in Italy

The best pizza was determined in Italy

For a whole year, thousands of anonymous culinary critics conducted surveys in 900 pizzerias in Italy. Visitors were asked only two questions: what is the best pizza and where can you eat it?

The best pizzerias in Italy are in the top 50. But these are all long conversations. Let's go straight to the winner.

The first place, that is, the best pizza in Italy and in the world, is the Masanielli pizzeria by Francesco Martucci, located in the village of Casarta, about forty minutes from Naples (and five minutes from the village of Franco Pepe).

Naples has long passed the championship of the villages in terms of making pizza. However,
he can take comfort in the fact that he can include in the list of 11 pizzerias. By the way, there are 63 pizzerias in the Neapolitan province of Campania.

Eleven pizzerias are also in Rome. There are eight of them in Milan. And there are only four in Florence. All other pizzerias are scattered throughout the villages and towns.

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