The best football club in the world named: the published authoritative rating

Лучший футбольный клуб мира назван: опубликован авторитетный рейтинг

French football publication France Football has issued a ranking of the best clubs of the planet

Reputable magazine France Football named real Madrid the best club of the planet at the moment, Royal club tops the ranking thanks to many factors.

The French magazine, which also awards the Golden ball, in compiling this ranking took into account how the players in the squad and their qualifications,and the TV audience, the popularity of social networks, the average attendance, revenue, expenses, total market value and number of trophies and brand awareness of the club.

Лучший футбольный клуб мира назван: опубликован авторитетный рейтинг

So, the Top 10 best teams on the planet rating France Football has the following form:

  1. Real (Madrid, Spain) 184 points
  2. Barcelona (Spain) 177
  3. Manchester United (England) 151
  4. Bayern (Munich, Germany) 135
  5. Liverpool (England), 120
  6. Juventus (Turin, Italy) 107
  7. Paris Saint-Germain (Paris, France) 94
  8. Chelsea (London, England) 91
  9. Manchester City (England) 89
  10. Arsenal London (England) 88

Recall that Dynamo Kiev is recognized as one of the most legendary clubs in the world. The Kyiv football club Dynamo have made in the world’s top clubs that had the greatest effect on the development of the sport. This list was published in the French magazine France Football, his fresh 3799-m release. This rating also includes clubs with a rich history and which have in their national cult.

Лучший футбольный клуб мира назван: опубликован авторитетный рейтинг

In the ranking of Ukrainian team took 17 th place. Dynamo one position ahead of the legendary Turin club Torino, but lost one position at the American club new York Cosmos, which existed from 1970 to 1985. Fully expected and deserved the three leaders is as follows: Ajax, real Madrid, Liverpool.

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The entire list of commands looks like this:

  1. Ajax
  2. Real Madrid
  3. Liverpool
  4. Manchester United
  5. Boca Juniors
  6. Barcelona
  7. Santos
  8. Benfica
  9. Juventus
  10. Celtic
  11. Milan
  12. Inter
  13. River Plate
  14. Bayern
  15. Honved
  16. The New York Cosmos
  17. Dynamo Kiev
  18. Torino
  19. Arsenal
  20. Crvena Zvezda

Recall that Cristiano Ronaldo was suspended from matches for the Portuguese national team after the sex scandal.

As reported Politeka, the legendary football player was arrested for drunk and disorderly.

Also Politeka wrote that Manchester United is preparing a multimillion-dollar transfer ex-player of Shakhtar.

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