The beginning of a new era

The beginning of a new era

“ I miss the horizon on the move '' & ndash; this is how Vladimir Vysotsky ended one of his most iconic songs. A song about a race that you can't win, but you can't stop. Our century seems to add new lines to this finale.

News and analytics in the modern world & ndash; endless broadcast of the negative. Crises, conflicts, threats, scenarios of wars and disasters. What is Hollywood alone with its avalanche of apocalypses and dystopias. Even if we scatter from this stream into niches, it still overwhelms us from time to time. What is more in it: realities or horror stories?

Looking around the current situation, I see that horror stories prevail. Yes, we are intimidated. In our time, it is easiest to distract and entangle a person with fears and insecurities. So that the future hangs over him as a dark cloud without gaps, without good promises. Let him flounder in a sense of a dead end, buying into the “ right '' the messages of the manipulators. The obsolete era holds us by the throat with a stranglehold and does not allow us to see the dawn of a new life, new relationships.

In fact, the world is not at all on the brink of an explosion. After all, for an explosion, pressure is needed to break down barriers and obstacles. But there is just no pressure. Even during a pandemic with nerves and passions, with discontent and distrust, the general attitude is far from rebellion and irreconcilable confrontation. On the contrary, people are looking for peace, inner relaxation. They just want to live a normal life, albeit limited compared to the old days.
Appetites are not the same, requests are cut. Human society is no longer looking for something ahead, it is not inspired by progressive promises. The rulers and elites spur it on, but it itself is inert, without ideology. Less and less people want to participate in a race without a finish with its dummy prizes. The pandemic seemed to have shown us behind the scenes and posed the question: “ What is all this for? Why this run to nowhere? '' Although we haven't caught the message yet, a new era has already begun.

Empty tank

Of course, the world is full of troubles and problems. Of course, he faces cardinal, critical challenges. But people are less and less inclined to view them through the prism of money and economic programs that are imposed on us from above. It is already clear to everyone: no matter what is lowered from there & ndash; ultimately, it’s not for us, it’s for them. And we are not even particularly outraged, realizing that such is human nature.

The owners of billions of dollars are still at the helm, eager to further inflate their accounts, and humanity, not understanding why and why, is slowly losing interest in these fun. The healing time cooled the former ardor, slowed down the convulsive run and deprived the money of the title of the absolute criterion of success. Capital retained power, but not authority. The era itself makes us change, evaluate life differently, not just money.

Of course, everyone would like to be a millionaire. And yet, from somewhere in the depths, the question is slowly awakening: “ For what? What is the benefit? What's the point? Why should I give my life to material running? This question has not yet been realized, not comprehended, but it looms behind the convulsions of the old world.
No, humanity will no longer return to the big race. It still consoles itself with illusions, but people no longer have the strength or desire to rush beyond the horizon until the end of their days. In Vysotsky's song, the racer's brakes failed, and we just ran out of fuel in our tanks & ndash; and the engine coughed. We are still moving forward by inertia, not seeing any other prospects, but the fuse has faded, even among the young, specifically among the young.

It looks like everything is as always, or almost as always, but do not be deceived. Deep inner shifts are hidden behind the outer course of life: the trend towards endless earning and burning of money has been exhausted.

True, we have not yet understood what & oacute; goes to replace him. We are still wandering in the captivity of illusions, fears and bankrupt hopes.

The language of change

To get out of this impasse, sooner or later we will have to answer the main question about the meaning, about the purpose of our life. Only then will the past release its grip. After all, the point here is no longer in fashion, not in status, but in essence: what is all this for? Without getting to the bottom, we will not find an incentive for real efforts, we will not be able to truly take care of ourselves, our family, and our children. We will only have to watch the fading away of past values ​​and attempts to plant ridiculous palliatives instead of them.

I know the lack of real meaning doesn't seem so critical today. But after tranquility comes desolation. Humanity cannot forever stand on a train at a sleepy stop, seated in sleeping cars. He will have to find an answer to a new challenge and move on.

What is this answer?

It sounds simple: together! We need common interests, common solutions, mutual understanding, complementarity. Just as in a large system there are no separate parts that do not depend on the whole, so in humanity there are neither people, nor peoples, nor countries capable of living alone with their particular destiny. We are all valuable precisely because of our potential for the benefit of the common whole, and only in it each individual's individuality is manifested by all its facets, opening new levels of unity.

Only in such a society will we find the meaning for which it is worth living, working, be in love. Our life will be calmer, more balanced, cleansed of vanity and fears, acquire new value in our eyes and at the same time reveal the amazing wealth of human relationships, connections from heart to heart.
Before doing something, a person will learn to check where it leads him, what it will give him, whether it will make him happier. In other words, will it make the society happier, the world in which he lives. And this approach will be extremely practical.

Frightened by respectable men, humanity still does not see this prospect, does not perceive it as something real, ripe, necessary. All our attempts to reach an agreement are false, all agreements are saturated with lies. However, oddly enough, thanks to the pandemic, steam comes out of the boiler, the pressure decreases, and in the near future the most serious threat to us is – natural, not social, disasters.

We are now in a transitional phase. Humanity still needs to assimilate what is happening, to realize new trends. One day it will clearly see itself in the grip of circles that drink juices from it, intimidate, confuse and cornered, playing with it like a toy. And then the veil will begin to subside. Not economists, not politicians, not bigwigs of social networks and hi-tech & ndash; life itself will show us that & oacute; what happens to us.

As a result, we will understand: we need to learn not from the waves rolling around the world, but from the changes that these waves leave in us. Nature speaks to us in the language of change. Without noticing it, we become different, transform ourselves internally. And when this finally manifests itself in consciousness, a single world will dawn ahead, the wealth of which is not calculated in money, but in the quality of our connection.

Dr. Michael Laitman,
founder and head International Academy of Kabbalah (IAC)

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