The Basques about the persecution Rotaru in Russia: She was just depressed

Басков о травле Ротару в России:  Она была просто подавлена

The Basques about the persecution Rotaru in Russia: “She was just overwhelmed”
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The singer spoke out in defense of the Ukrainian artist and asked him to think about her health.

Russian singer Nikolai Baskov said that Ukrainian actress Sofia Rotaru very difficult to tolerate the controversy over her upcoming performance at the “Song of the year”. The show has already started in Moscow, and this situation became the main topic for discussion. Although the organizers of the concert promised that the performer of the hit “Hutoryanka” still playing in Russia.

– She is a person who is 50 years old gave the song and was always out of politics. She has become a hostage of circumstances. If we are not respectful to the past, our generation will have no future. Sofia Mikhailovna not a girl already. You imagine how she took this situation. When I called her, she was just overwhelmed. Some people at one point wanted to undo all that she was doing 50 years for our Russian, Soviet music, it’s wrong to have quoted the edition

Earlier concert Director star Sergei Lavrov reminded that “the Song of the year” artists work for free and last year, Rotaru are unable to come to Russia because of the imposition of martial law in Ukraine.

Recall that Rotaru in Russia began to criticize because of its alleged financing of ATO soldiers.


Rotaru is experiencing due to bullying

A number of Russian officials and artists don’t want it played on “Song of the year”.

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