The barcode scanner is turned into a musical instrument: a funny video

Сканер штрихкодів перетворили на музичний інструмент: кумедне відео

A conventional scanner has received an unusual use

Enthusiasts often find gadgets and appliances unusual use, completely changing their “profession.” That is the way I went Japanese designer Hey Flaw that turned the original DJ mixer, a conventional scanner for barcodes.

Instead of “music” to play music in the style techno unusual invention uses a specially prepared sets of characters – traditional features, and other textures.

The kit does not reveal the secret of his creation – he only said that the scanners have been modified in a special way and create sounds by transmitting signals directly to auditeria.

Reddit users have suggested that the scanner detects an angle of inclination relative to the image, the speed sensor and even the distance to the picture, and the images themselves – ready samples, which have different interpreterpath electronics. Enthusiast not the first to use the old equipment for their shows. He had previously created a music composition using tape recorders, CRT TVs, and even outdoor fans.

Сканер штрихкодів перетворили на музичний інструмент: кумедне відео

Project with scanners technoport Japanese designer called Electronicos Fantasticos began to implement in 2018, but truly it has become popular only recently – after his tweet with a demonstration of the unusual instrument has gained about 2 million views.

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