The author of the series “Chernobyl” has made a statement about the accusation of plagiarism

Автор сериала "Чернобыль" сделал заявление об обвинении в плагиате

The author of the series “Chernobyl” Craig Mazin rejects the accusations of the Ukrainian playwright Pavlo Arie in plagiarism. The Ukrainian said that the show used the monologue women Pris of his plays “At the beginning and at the end of time,” reports the with reference to the UNN.

“No, I never read the works and have not seen anything from Paul Aryeh, I also never heard of “Baba Frosya”. The inspiration for this scene is the moment described in the “Voice of Chernobyl” (the film, shot in documentary story of Svetlana Aleksievich “the Chernobyl prayer. Chronicle of the future“ — ed.), in which the woman continues to milk the cow, and the soldier to pour the milk. It is, however, entirely mine,” wrote Mazen on Twitter.

Play “At the beginning and at the end of time” is one of the most famous works of Pavlo Arie. This is the story of the family from the exclusion zone — a woman that knows the language of the forest nymphs, a daughter, whose happy memory is of Soviet childhood, and incompetent grandson.

“Chernobyl” has headed a rating of the most popular TV series

In 2015, the play “At the beginning and at the end of time” under the new name “Stalkers” put Kiev theatre “Golden gate” together with the Young theatre.

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