The Austrian government for the first time headed woman

Австрийское правительство впервые возглавила женщина

For the first time in Austrian history a woman became temporary Chancellor of the Republic before the elections to the lower house of Parliament.

First post of Chancellor of Austria was held by a woman. To them became 69-year-old Chairman of the constitutional court, Brigitte Bierlein. She will hold the position of Chancellor until the early elections to the national Council. This was after consultations with party leaders on 30 may, the President said Alexander van der Bellen, writes the with reference to

“I authorize the mistress of the President to form a new government. It will be the first Chancellor of the Austrian Republic. I am pleased to present the Brigitte Bierlein”, — he said.

We will remind, earlier in Austria for the first time declared a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz. Ekstrennogo the convening of a session of Parliament was the result of a government crisis in Austria.

Following the vote, called early elections in September and began forming a provisional government.

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A little later the Vice-Chancellor Hartwig Legera became temporary Chancellor of Austria before the forthcoming parliamentary elections and for several days he supervised the Cabinet.

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