The Aussie found the unusual use of plastic bottles. Video

Австралиец нашел необычное применение пластиковым бутылкам. Видео

Australian of plastic bottles makes dentures

Former Australian hairdresser Bernie Craven found a use for the plastic bottles of shampoo and hair conditioner. Man recycles them, and then on a 3D printer prints the dentures, says the with reference on the Main

The first two prototypes will be experienced by teenagers, Haley and Connor. Both from birth has no left hand side. But soon things can change.

Bernie every week takes used bottles from the salons.

To the first prosthesis required 42 meters of thread made of plastic. Been doing it for over nine hours. While it costs less than usual.

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If the prosthesis proves successful, then Bernie will continue to develop its project.

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