The astronauts told about unusual phenomena in orbit

Космонавты рассказали о необычных явлениях на орбите

Often people have seen unexplained phenomena in space.

All the astronauts were faced with oddities in their work, only few openly wish to communicate on this topic. Very often in the orbit there are puzzles without the ability to find a reasonable explanation, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

A vivid example is the cosmonaut Alexander Ivanchenko, who in 1978 observed the brightest glow crimson. The space that was covered with light poles on the space station overcame ten minutes, which is a lot.

Another interesting fact – the astronauts clearly saw objects that were at least three hundred kilometers from them. We are talking about houses, roads, etc. Scientists can not explain this feature, like strange sounds from time to time we hear the astronauts.

Yuri Gagarin in his time admitted that he had heard the tune in orbit, and Vladislav Volkov – dogs barking and a baby crying. The third phenomenon relates to the fact that the astronauts felt walking dinosaurs on land, their huge claws and horns.

The streets of the Chinese city was suddenly filled with thick foam

According to scientists, the condition of the astronauts cannot be called hallucinations. Perhaps in this way the human mind works, which passes in a mode between sleep and hypnotic visions. In any case, history must be studied, because this knowledge will depend on the safety of future flights.

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