The artist has depicted the future of humanity: “the city does not know”

Художник изобразил будущее человечества: "города не узнать"

Artist Jacek Pilarski have offered their own vision of cities of the future

The London artist is known for his work on large-scale films such as “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “the Martian”, “the Avengers”, “Fantastic creature.” Last year, Jack launched his own project called Fractron 8. The essence of the project in the display of views and visions of the future of mankind, stories, styles, and transformations. The artist not only depicts a futuristic city, but also develops the idea of the colonization of entire regions of our Galaxy.

Художник изобразил будущее человечества: "города не узнать"

One of the most popular works Pilarski is the image of the train station. The location is notable for the fact that in the future, levitating freight and passenger trains will be humanity’s everyday reality.

Художник изобразил будущее человечества: "города не узнать"

The artist also believes that humanity will soon learn Mars. The first base settlers will be small, but the potential of humanity on this planet is very high.

Художник изобразил будущее человечества: "города не узнать"

In addition, Pilarski expects the new grandiose structures built on Earth. Perhaps, in time, humanity will leave the home planet and the architecture of cities be a reminder of life on the planet Earth.

Художник изобразил будущее человечества: "города не узнать"

Earlier it was reported that scientists have developed the house on the balloons.

British architects of Studio McLeod and designers from the Agency Ekkist developed a project flying houses under the name Hour Glass. With the help of balloons at home will be up in the air. Thus, their residents will be able to move easily between major cities and towns.

The house will adjust to the area. In big cities, they connect in some high-rise buildings with frame structures. In open country and on the nature of the flying house will adapt to the landscape, to change color and configuration.

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According to scientists, the project was inspired by the lifestyle of nomads. Experts believe that in the modern world people are too tied to the cities and often do not have the opportunity to be in nature.

We will remind, earlier Politeka wrote that officials declined a robot that is too efficient in fighting corruption.

As reported Politeka in Japan was a robot that could clean and wash things.

Also Politeka reported that scientists are developing a digital copy of a person: “the way to immortality”.

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