The artist arranged a “secret apartment” in the shopping center and lived there for 4 years

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 An artist built a “secret apartment” in a mall and lived there for 4 years

Artist Michael Townsend lived for four years in a secret apartment in the middle of the Providence Place shopping center in Rhode Island, USA, until he was arrested by security. The man had nowhere to go after his landlord evicted him from his old apartment. Michael heard an advertisement for a mall on the radio and remembered that he once found an empty room in the building.

Going out to find a hidden space, he found it still unused and moved in with one of his buddies . The friends soon turned the vacant 750-square-foot space into a home, adding a sofa, dining table, and even a PlayStation.

Townsend first stumbled across the unusual doorway under the mall during his daily run in 1999. After a while, he visited the room again and decided to check if it was really possible to live in a shopping center. On his website, Michael wrote: “The new plan was not just to live in the mall for just a week, now it was to just live in the mall”.

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