The art of embroidering a destination

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The art of embroidering a destination

One of the most luxurious products of Madeira It is the exquisite embroidery. An art that emerged from the peasantry to fill the trousseau and decoration of the richest homes in Europe. It all started 150 years ago when a British wine producer, based in Madeira, began to explore and export such fine work to its high society countrymen, making it finally become fashionable in half of Europe. But before, long before this happened, embroiderers, simple country women, had been in Madeira for centuries making their works of art.

In time the wick was lit and Madeira embroideries leapt from the interior of the houses and local estates to the halls of aristocrats and bourgeoisie and its skilled embroiderers found a way to support their families. Today, brands like Chanel or designers like Jeff Garner have succumbed to its beauty and have used it in their collections, and it is not only synonymous with tradition, but also with culture, quality, patience, beauty and good work. done. Qualities that are extrapolated to your own home, Madeira.

All that has configured a unique island, as if it were a very delicate embroidery. Thousands of perfect stitches, without failures, making a drawing where to stand on each one of them and observe, appreciate, value. This is how Madeira is a great tablecloth embroidered with patience that is also savored, drunk, walked. Continuing with the simile, while the fretwork of that tablecloth may well be the immense ocean that surrounds the island, Each part of the interior involves a different embroidery, a special one in each place.

The wine revolution

A stitch that stands out from the others, perhaps the most difficult, which to use the jargon is called Crivo stitch, could well be la Quinta do Barbusano with Antonio Oliveira up front, who makes wines as if it were embroidery, with the same patience and love. We are not referring to the traditional and well-known Madeira wine, but to the revolution of its whites, rosés and some incipient reds that they produce with dedication in one of the most beautiful and unknown areas of Madeira, São Vicente.

The fifth looks at a valley full of whitewashed houses with red roofs where it seems that time has stopped for a long time, Specifically, the clock at Capela do Pico da Cova decided not to strike the hours again many years ago and stopped at exactly 12:52. and there’s not much of a rush to fix it, that’s fine, it’s a good time. The more than 17 hectares of vineyards of the Quinta do Barbusano are reached by an unpaved road, at the end of which their delicate wines await in formation, ready to be tasted, accompanied by the famous espetada, skewers of very tender roast beef. slowly grilled. A luxury for the palate.

Funchal, looking out to the Atlantic

Another area of ​​the large tablecloth that makes up Madeira is Funchal, a great and extensive embroidery of charming houses, taverns, museums, designer restaurants, imposing hotels, an exquisite service and a long etcetera that extends overlooking the Atlantic and with rugged mountains at its back.

It is a place to explore without haste, passing through gardens full of jacarandas and a thousand tropical species (it is not by chance that the Flower Festival is celebrated there), discovering tiny taverns with tradition along the picturesque Santa María street or sailing privately on a sailboat with a chef on board and a five-star crew. And at night, the story continues but with sophisticated overtones, restaurants of the highest level, some with Michelin stars and others simply heavenly.

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The tablecloth does not end here, as a good work of art there are so many threads, stitches and drawings that make up Madeira that it would take much more space than a page in a newspaper. Places like Porto Moniz and its natural pools, the surfer town of Paul do Mar, or the beautiful Chamber of Wolves, Authentic and genuine fishing village and once Churchill vacation hideaway.

The best thing is for each traveler to make their own design and discover the art of embroidering a destination.


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