The APU General told which ammo is no longer imported: details

Генерал ВСУ рассказал, какие боеприпасы больше не импортируют: подробности

Ukrainian General told which samples of the ammunition had mastered the Ukrainian industry

The Ukrainian army is gradually moving to the ammunition of domestic manufacture. This was during a briefing in Kiev today, on March 11, said the chief of armaments of the APU General-major Nikolay Shevtsov.

Генерал ВСУ рассказал, какие боеприпасы больше не импортируют: подробности

The General gave examples on what the sample in question:

“7.62 mm sniper ammunition, 40-mm grenade rounds for underbarrel and automatic grenade launchers, 60-mm mortar rounds, 152 mm ammunition for artillery systems and 300 mm rocket missiles “Alder”. Started a massive rearmament of the troops in the domestic anti-missile systems “Stugna-P” and “Korsar”,” — said Shevtsov.

According to the soldier, to maintain the required amount of ammunition, 2014 resumed work 8 workshops for their Assembly and repair.

Генерал ВСУ рассказал, какие боеприпасы больше не импортируют: подробности

As reported, fighting the NATO fleet entered the port of Odessa

It is reported by the Turkish Embassy in Ukraine, reports Know.

It is noted, that this case is unprecedented, since in the Ukrainian port went from two warships of member countries of the Alliance.

“In the framework of tactical exercises, “Blue homeland – 2019″ frigate TCG BARBAROS and attack boat TCG MARTI are on a visit to the port of Odessa”, — stated in the message.

During the maneuvers 67 the Turkish warships from 6 to 8 March will visit 40 foreign ports in Marmara, Aegean and Black seas, including will visit the ports of the Russian Federation.

The Turkish Consulate also reported that inhabitants of Odessa will be able to visit the ships.

“Today (March 6) at 14:00-17:00 and tomorrow (7 March) 9:30-12:00 and 14:00-17:00 frigate TCG BARBAROS and attack boat TCG MARTI will be open for free visits. All citizens and residents are invited to visit the ships. With respect for the attention,” reads the page of the Consulate.

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The frigate TCG Barbaros (F244) is a class of frigates of the MEKO 200.

It is reported that the ship was built in Germany by Blohm+Voss and adopted in 1997. Full load displacement of 3,400 tons. Length 117 m, width-15, draft 4.25 meters.

It is also noted that on Board the frigate a variety of missile, artillery and anti-aircraft armament, including eight of silo launchers Mk 41 for anti-aircraft missiles “sea Sparrow” and eight launchers for anti-ship missiles “Harpoon”. Aircraft weapons — helicopter Sikorsky S-70B Seahawk.

Assault boat, TCG Marti adopted by the Turkish Navy in August 1978. This is the second of eight built boats like Dogan. Length 58 m, width of 7,6 draught of 2.7 metres. A displacement of 436 tons.

He is armed with a 76 mm gun mount and a 35mm anti-aircraft guns. On ships of this type for the first time in the Turkish Navy was an American anti-ship missiles “Harpoon”. The visit of the Turkish warships will continue until March 8.

Recall, NATO ships came to Odessa

As reported Politeka, the expert assessed the chances of Ukraine in fighting with Russia in the sea of Azov.

Also Politeka told that the EU told why Russia took Azov sea

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