The apartment erupted in Kiev, in Lukyanovka: “danger of explosion”, the reasons and details of the accident

Квартира вспыхнула в Киеве на Лукьяновке: "угроза взрыва", причины и подробности катастрофы

Fire in Kiev could destroy a whole building

Sunday, January 20, in Kiev there was a dangerous accident. In the house №17 on street Kopernika Lit apartment on the second floor. With the incident we had to deal with the emergency personnel.

Pre-installed that morning to the residents of the Lukyanovka district came the electrician. He began the repair of the system during which is short-circuited. In the end, in the kitchen flared gas.

Квартира вспыхнула в Киеве на Лукьяновке: "угроза взрыва", причины и подробности катастрофы

About 12:45 specialists received a call on the emergency. Firefighters quickly arrived to the building with three units of basic and special equipment. They quickly eliminated the fire. Came the police and a brigade “first aid”. Fortunately, the past services are not useful — the incident without casualties.

Representatives of gas service noticed a bomb threat. To predotvratit the destruction of the apartment, specialists hastily turned off the gas supply in the house. But at the same time and eliminated the source of fire. Soon, the experts promise to establish a credible cause of the fire.

On Friday, January 18, in the temple of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral of the Moscow Patriarchate in Sumy region was rocked by a powerful explosion. The press service of the regional Department of the National police learned the details of the incident.

Квартира вспыхнула в Киеве на Лукьяновке: "угроза взрыва", причины и подробности катастрофы

It is assumed that at the entrance to the room, the unknown threw a grenade, which exploded. This information was confirmed by the clergy. Later, however, the pyrotechnics have denied the version about an explosive device.

The exploding object was not a sword, and pyrotechnic means for playing airsoft. Inside the case were corn, who performed the role of damaging debris. Neither building nor people have not suffered. The police opened criminal proceedings on the fact of hooliganism and engaged in the search for victims of pranksters.

Meanwhile, venereal disease, allegedly raging in Lukyanovka jail. The former head of the penitentiary service of Ukraine Sergey Starenky told about the adventures of one of the leaders of the insulator.

According to ex-officials, Deputy chief corrupting their employees in the workplace. He comes with his subordinates in an intimate relationship, promising to assign the rank of officer in the future. Thus the venereal disease has, supposedly, passed on 15 girls. And even more staff.

Recall, take out the bodies after the tragedy in Courchevel. Published terrifying footage of a luxury resort

As reported Politeka, school of the Colombian capital of Bogota was found after the explosion found 21 dead.

Also Politeka wrote that the tear gas sprayed at a press conference, the shooting started. Journalist injured eye.

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