The anti-war episode “Masyanya” was removed from YouTube

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 Masyanya's anti-war episode was removed from YouTube

Creator of the animated series “Masyanya” Oleg Kuvaev complained that YouTube suddenly removed his latest anti-war episode from the site.

On his Facebook page, the cartoonist said that a certain “Sobolev” It was not his video that filed a complaint, stating that the image of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg was copied from his personal photograph. That is, the claim is extremely doubtful”, — cartoonist commented. — "However, YouTube was just so scared of some kind of "Sobolev" that a cartoon with 4 million views was simply deleted altogether! Did not block or temporarily block access… And removed it! Why are you YouTube crazy?".

After a while, the hosting users began to write in the comments that the episode had been restored.

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