The announcement of the fifth wave should be postponed

The announcement of the fifth wave should be postponed

A report submitted by Hebrew University experts yesterday evening to the Prime Minister and senior health officials said the Israeli health system should be able to collect reliable information on Omicron before announcing the fifth wave of the epidemic.

Researchers note that this time there is a significant increase in infection, and that for the first time this week the epidemic is spreading to all sectors and age groups.

However, researchers are not sure about the cause of the outbreak. According to the report, the Israeli population is also experiencing a decrease in the level of immunity.

One of the main recommendations of researchers from the Hebrew University is to strengthen the use of the green standard, wearing masks and studying the disease among children, the outbreak of which has been going on for about months.

It was also recommended to accelerate the vaccination of the population, and five months after the booster vaccination, to carry out a booster vaccination.

The green standard will not apply to the class in which two an infected student, and will not act if the student is suspected of being infected with the Omicron strain.

In the class where the infected student was identified, other children will also do the PCR test on the third day, not just the first day along with antigen tests every day.

In classes that were not marked as green, vaccinated students will be able to attend classes, and unvaccinated students will study remotely.

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