The Americans tried to buy the “Lion's Den”

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 Americans tried to buy

Gov Ariot, a terrorist gang from Shechem (Lion's Den), which has claimed responsibility for several high-profile attacks against Israelis, has virtually disappeared from the radar of the press.

carried out inside the Kasbah in Shechem, and after a series of targeted liquidations.

Shechem governor Ibrahim Ramadan said he was in contact with the organization, called the terrorists “misguided youth”; and said that they should be “taken care of”.

When the 15 members of the gang surrendered to the security mechanisms of the Palestinian Authority, their activity decreased significantly, and public sympathy for them decreased. The surrender of the Palestinian Authority, which is perceived by the Palestinians as a corrupt body and an accomplice of Israel, did not find understanding among the public.

Maaoia Almasri, a senior member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council in Nablus, described what happened after the gang's surrender agreement to the PA: “The American delegation, along with PA officials, came to Nablus and met with some of the influential members of the Lion's Den.” They offered them very attractive offers,” Almasri said, and explained, “buy each automatic rifle from them for 70,000 shekels, give them cars and military ranks.”

A Fatah official said the militants the gangs were reluctant to accept a deal and resisted the temptation to accept “tempting offers”, but eventually they succumbed to public pressure and pressure directed at them by other armed groups operating within the Palestinian Authority. “Our people are not interested in profit, but there were special circumstances, including public pressure, that forced them to give up,” he said.

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