The American received a response to my letter in the bottle after 45 years

Американка получила ответ на свое письмо в бутылке через 45 лет

The letter suddenly found near the lighthouse.

A woman from the U.S. state of Michigan received an unexpected response to a letter in a bottle, sent 45 years ago, reports the with reference to

When Tina green-Allera (Tina Green-Allera) was 11 years old, she went to visit grandma and grandpa in the small town of old mission. At the end of the vacation the girl decided to write a letter, put it in a glass bottle and threw it in lake Michigan on 29 August 1974. She soon forgot about the message.

Green Aller remembered the letter from childhood, and only recently, when the stranger suddenly wrote her on Facebook about the discovery. A man named Eric Amon (Amon Eric) found a letter green Allery a few meters from the lighthouse when I was doing construction work. The bottle was buried in the ground. According to the woman, the news was pleasantly surprised that she was driven to recall the days spent with close relatives.

Amon sent a parcel American mail. They plan to meet to record a joint podcast about this story. “We were both so excited. I feel like I know him all my life. We became buddies,” admitted green Aller.

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