The aircraft with the largest wingspan completed the longest flight

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 The aircraft with the largest wingspan completed the longest flight< /p>

On Friday, Stratolaunch Systems' Roc Model 351, the world's largest aircraft by wingspan, made its second test flight with a – prototype of the Talon-A airborne hypersonic aircraft. This was the Roc's ninth test flight, lasting 6 hours – the record for the entire history of the test.

In addition to the record flight duration, the aircraft with a wingspan of 117.3 meters was also the first time it flew into the airspace outside the Mojave Desert.

The Roc took off from the site of the Mojave Aerospace Port in southeastern California on Friday morning, January 12, and landed there six hours later, at 17:51 local time. According to representatives of Stratolaunch, during the flight the plane reached an altitude of 6860 meters. The last test flight of the Roc took place in October last year.

The Captive-carry payload test with the Talon-A hypersonic airframe mounted on a pylon is in preparation for the next stage – test with separation of Talon-A from Roc and subsequent landing. These tests are expected to start at the end of the year.
Stratolaunch CEO and President Zachary Crevor noted progress on the test schedule, adding that “the company is very close to the next phase, covering both testing the separation of the Talon-A hypersonic airframe from the pylon, and the start of its test flights.”

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