The actors of “Supernatural” not ready to say goodbye to the series

Актеры "Сверхъестественного" не готовы попрощаться со сериалом

Jensen ackles and Jared Padalecki are not ready for the finale of “Supernatural”.

That the upcoming 15th season of “Supernatural” will be the last of the series, it was announced a few weeks ago, but the stellar trio – Jared Padalecki, Jensen ackles and Misha Collins is still not to late believe that very soon have to say goodbye, reports the with reference to

At the presentation of the TV series CW TV season 2019-2020 Jared, Jensen and Misha talked to reporters and commented on the impending farewell

“We still have a whole year, says Eccles. We still have some time to catch up”.

There is still time, however, gradually to the actors begins to realize that there is really the end:

“Not long ago, Jensen told us about his dream – the dream that will end the series. In short – Sam is dead and Dean have to go into the unknown alone, remembered Collins. When he told us this, he wept – and then Jared and me. It was strange to realize it: “Oh my God, they made us cry fictional character”. But for us they become real and, therefore, it will be even harder.”

How it will end 15th of the season, and with it the series, no one yet knows, but the Eccles in this respect there is a strong opinion: “I do Not want to have been in the “Game of thrones” where all the plot lines neatly tied. Don’t want clear endings. I think we need to keep the – keep the door ajar in case, if in a few years there will be plans, for example, on a feature film… there are Always ways to bring people back.”

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Collins in this respect a different opinion:

“I’d like to see a clear, unambiguous ending, he says. – I think the show and the viewers deserve it”.

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