The accident with students in Dnipropetrovsk region: there details

ДТП со школьниками в Днепропетровской области: появились детали

Suffered almost all children on the bus.

The details of the accident in Dnipropetrovsk region with the participation of the bus, which was traveling students. The minibus, which was carrying children from Zaporozhye to Poltava, crashed into a truck. Suffered almost all students. Several children were taken to hospital with fractures and bruises. Why the accident happened and the condition of the children now, reports the with reference for Today.

The bus was already moving in Dnipropetrovsk region. Home was 200 km 12-year-old Daniel and his classmate sat next to the driver, the shot hit the guy in the side.

“I saw a truck in front of him. We crashed, and I lost consciousness. Then after 30 seconds I woke up, and I see that broken glass was all broken. And saw a glass of blood,” says the victim student Daniel Shabalin.

Dan had a complex arm fracture and head injury. He suffered the most. Two of his classmates also fractures. Other students received minor injuries, they were examined and released home.

“In one way or lesser extent affected all the children. Visited the doctor the traumatologist, doctor neurosurgeon, doctor surgeon. All children on an emergency basis carried out abdominal ultrasound for trauma to the abdomen. Serious injuries in children were not,” said medical Director of Dnipropetrovsk regional children’s hospital Igor Pharaohs.

All circumstances of incident are investigated by police. Previously it is established that the driver of the van went round the truck, which was traveling in the same direction, and collided with him. Both drivers were sober. It is also known that the driver of the van – a private entrepreneur and had a license to transport passengers. But could to take the kids out.

“This is now handled by the investigator, sets out who gave permission and whose was the initiative that is conducting this tour. The way it was found that the driver for transporting children,” says the speaker of the national police in the Dnipropetrovsk region Olga Kuznetsova.

The mother of the victim Marina Shabalina said that with this carrier children went in the second time. And the woman doesn’t understand why son was in the front seat.

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The bus driver is not yet arrested. If he’s guilty, he faces a fine or restriction of liberty for up to three years.

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