The 12 most interesting facts about Israel (PHOTO)

Israel is a country in many ways paradoxical. We offer to your attention some of the most interesting facts about this amazing country!

Is it really about them?

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1. In Israel prohibited images of too skinny models, in order to prevent the fashion for excessive thinness and crazy diets.

2. Israel has no official state marriage is only religious. According to his canons, are not allowed marriage between people of different faiths. Interestingly, there is a way to bypass this limitation: the lovers belonging to different religions, marriages in other countries because the government of Israel recognizes them.

3. In 1963 in Israel, was found a jar containing 2000-year-old seeds. These seeds were planted, and from them grew a tree, the Judean date palm, which was considered extinct for almost two thousand years.

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4. Several hundred children and grandchildren of former Nazis have converted to Judaism and moved to Israel.

5. In the Pakistani passport there is an inscription which reads: “This passport valid for all countries except Israel”.

6. Every year in Jerusalem comes more thousands of letters addressed to God.

7. Albert Einstein was asked to become President of Israel, but he politely declined.

8. It is in Israel first saw the light of the pendrive, antivirus software, and cherry tomatoes.

9. Despite the constant threat of terrorist attacks, Israel is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Some of the local men not only never been faced with a crime in my life, but never even fought!

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10. The Israelis are mostly religious people, though sometimes formally. Therefore, the demand shops that sell kosher products. In such shops can only work the Jews.

11. Israel is the only country where girls are obliged to perform military service.

12. Only 20% of the land suitable for agriculture. The remaining 80% is mountains and deserts. However, Israel at 95% ensures their needs in food. More and exports on a large scale fresh fruit and vegetables to other countries!

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