That’s why she calls you the wrong name during sex

Scientists have explained why the girl during sex with you exclaimed, “So shreds!”, although you are no shreds. Perhaps this explanation will calm you even.

Ось чому вона називає тебе чужим ім&#039ям під час сексу

Honestly, over the past year, our attitude to the sounds that women make during sex, became wary, especially after the news that most women are not groaning with pleasure, and to please the partner, reports Rus.Media.

And now it was a scientific explanation for one of the most unpleasant phenomena that can happen to someone during sex: the partner calls you another name. After this verbal treason lost trust not only to the partner, but generally the desire to have sex.

But rushes to the aid of science! Professor Jim Pfaus from Concordia University in Montreal explained that it’s not so bad.

If during sex the girl called you a name her ex-boyfriend this does not mean that she thinks about it, says Professor Pfaus. It was her mind returned to a blissful state that she felt by having sex and gave her first casual Association of his name.

In other words, you’re doing sex with a girl as good as engaged, her ex, and it automatically calls you by his name.

Yes. Thank you, Professor, reassured.

Of course, it’s a little better than if it were the former during your sex. What to do if girl calls the name not of the former, and someone generally unknown to you? To this question science has, unfortunately, no encouraging answers.

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