Thank You Shank !

Merci Shank !

The players of the Sags are definitely a Pepsi Alexis Shank. The goalkeeper has continued to impress with a performance of 43 saves in a victory without the big burst of Sags 3-1, on the Phoenix, Sherbrooke.

“We gave too many chances to score. It was thought offensive instead of starting with defend well and attack after. We opened this game. It has been ‘up and down’ during the entire encounter, and we spent long moments in our territory as well. The history of the game, this is Alexis Shank “, summarized head coach Yanick Jean at the other end of the line after the meeting. Shank has certainly earned its first star, which now shows an average of 1.39 and an efficiency percentage of .953, which the place in the first rank of the QMJHL in the two categories.

“He is very consistent since day one of the season. It gives gas to everyone, ” noted the pilot of the Blue, who had the impression that his troops had taken the duel to the light, after having beaten the same team 5-0 in their territory. “At times, it had the air of Sherbrooke in the past week “, to analyze Yanick Jean, that hope, of course, a better attitude for the game this afternoon in front of the Cataracts, in Shawinigan.

“We must learn from it and try to do it without burning. One is not forced to burn. It is like a little boy to whom you tell not to put his tongue on the pole. As long as you have not tried. I don’t want to be forced to burn to learn “, an idea of the head coach.

After you have obtained some chances in the beginning of the meeting, the players of the Phoenix have opened the door to the Sags with two penalties in succession, including one for having too many players on the ice. The veteran Jesse Sutton has made them pay, picking his own back and has maintained its momentum. For the rest of the period, the opportunities have been good, and on the other, each taking turns in control of things. The guardian Alexis Shank has closed the door in the end of the commitment. He has reserved his best stop for Benjamin Late that had been missed with only seconds on the clock.

The Sags were once again struck with the advantage of a man in the very beginning of the second period, on a shot on receipt of Hendrix Lapierre, his second of the season. In the end of the engagement, immediately after a battle between Ryan Smith and Jacob Arsenault, who was expelled for having removed the helmet of his opponent, Bobby Dow was brought along the right wing before fitting the puck above the shoulder of the Shank. It was a first goal awarded by the Sags and their keeper nearly five times in the face of the Phoenix.

Third, the Phoenix continued to threaten on several occasions. In the end of the game, after another stop of the Shank, Zachary Lavigne has completed the score in an empty net with ten seconds to go, to confirm the fourth consecutive win of the Sags on the road.


• With two assists Wednesday to face the Océanic, and then another Friday and a goal, Hendrix Lapierre has risen to the first rank among rookies in the QMJHL with a harvest of 12 points since the start of the season. He is ahead of the attacker the Walls Aleksei Sergeev, who was following closely, one point behind.

• Laurent Dauphin has not been claimed at the tie on Friday, so he was demoted to the american League by the Phoenix Coyotes. He will therefore continue his career with the Roadrunners in Tucson, where there are already two other elders of the Sags, the brothers Kelly and Kevin Klima. The lower salary is still important for the choice of the 2nd round of the Coyotes in 2013. The player of 23 years, will win$ 70,000 in the american League, as opposed to 785 000 $ in the national League.

• The father of the Normandinois and coach of the Crunch of Syracuse in the american League, Gilles Bouchard and grand-father of the defender of the Ship, Xavier, Maurice Bouchard passed away recently. All our sympathies to the family!

• For his “tackle in the band” on Wednesday, the defender Jérémy Diotte has been punished with a suspension of two meetings. On the sequence, he knocks the defender of the ” Oceanic Jacob Bernard, who has firmly hit the tape. The back of 19-year-old has therefore missed the appointment yesterday, Sherbrooke, and will also be absent this afternoon in Shawinigan.

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