“Thank you everybody!” Israeli woman returned home after 2 years of arrest in Peru

Israeli woman Odaya Monsonego, who was arrested in Peru two years ago, has returned to her homeland.

She arrived in Israel on the night of September 23-24.

“Many thanks to all the people of Israel. Thank you to the Lord God who works miracles for being in Israel. Many thanks to my amazing family, who did not rest for a minute, and my father, who was with me for four months. I am here thanks to all of you & quot ;, & ndash; said the girl upon arrival in Israel.

Resident of Hof -Ashkelon Odaya Monsonego was arrested in 2019 in Peru on charges of involvement in the smuggling of a large consignment of cocaine into Israel. She spent one year in prison in Lima, another – under house arrest.

A court in Peru ruled that Monsonego suffers from a mental disorder, as previously stated by her relatives, which gave her a chance to return to her homeland.

The girl's family claimed that her friend and her ex-son-in-law took advantage of Odaya's mental state – the alleged organizer of the crime.

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