Thank Kaminska suffers from childhood complexes

Слава Каминская страдает из-за детских комплексов

The glory of “DeAngelo” visits psychotherapist

Thank Kaminskaya, a member of a famous Ukrainian group “Neangely” admitted that sometimes she feels difficult to cope with the emotional tension and she turns for help to a therapist. About this singer said in the program “Sravi way” on the channel “Ukraine”, reports the with reference to RBC-Ukraine

34-year-old singer previously spoke about plastic surgery, revealed that the chair of the therapist she speaks of resentment towards father, children’s complexes and crises in relations with her husband.

“Sometimes you need to vent not at home, because home is not always you will understand, because all can come tired from work, he could brew some conflict,” — said Slava

Also the star is very susceptible to the attacks of haters in social networks. She admitted that the attacks of detractors in the comments on her personal pages can even bring her to tears. To cope with this singer helps not only professionals, but also loving husband Edgar Kaminsky.

34-year-old Glory openly said that her emotional state is affected and the indifference of his own father of the singer, who divorced her mother when Fame was still a child.

“Dad, we communicate very rarely. For example, dad for four years, never saw Leonard… three years never saw Laura (children of Glory. — Ed.). He thinks I should come to him with children,” said Glory.

Native the father of Glory constantly post photos of grandchildren born to his another family. The star admitted that it is very offended.

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“This is also my problem since childhood. On the other hand, it is possible not to pay attention, but I’m somewhere hurt,” he told the star.

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