Thank Kaminska congratulated the soloist Yin-Yang and fell in love

Слава Каминская поздравила солиста  Инь-Ян  и призналась в любви

Thank Kaminska congratulated the soloist “Yin-Yang” and fell in love [photos]
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The singer believes that their combined karmic connection.

Singer Slava Didenko congratulated with the birthday of the soloist of the “Yin-Yang” Artem Ivanov. He was 33 years old. The star of “DeAngelo” showed a photo where smiling happily in the arms of Ivanov, now a Declaration of love, adding another romantic frame.

“Iconic people in my life not so much and fortunately or unfortunately they’re all men. We met many years ago and the story of how we met, maybe someday will be published, but not yet about this. Is this some kind of karmic connection. I love @arteminyan1 and respect and his talent. For me (and not only for me) he’s a genius, a humble genius! Today is his birthday. The theme, happy bar pulled out of work! Ay lavu! Express yourself and don’t stop! Thanks for the memories and most important for me: the lyrics , which are always on time!” – Kaminska wrote in Instagram.

Ivanov relationship with Kaminskaya has not yet commented on. He was married to bandmate Tatiana Bogacheva, but the relationship did not work out. In March 2019 Ivanov spoke about the changes in his personal life. Marriage did not save even the daughter Mirra, who was born in 2016. The happy father told the “KP” in Ukraine” as pregnancy Bogacheva effect.

Edgar and Thank Kaminskie divorced in July 2019. They lived together for three years, but, according to the surgeon Edgar, has repeatedly been on the verge of breaking. At the end of November Kaminska thought about changing names, but in December she had been spotted kissing ex-husband. It happened on the birthday of the son Kaminski. After a few days the Fame explained how it feels to the ex-spouse.

A week ago, fans were discussing photo Kaminskaya with actor Pavel Vishnyakov. He also vacationed with the singer. Thank puzzled subscribers: a pair or just a coincidence?

Слава Каминская поздравила солиста  Инь-Ян  и призналась в любви

Thank Kaminska showed another photo of Artem Ivanov. Photo:


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