Thank Kaminska admitted because of quarrels with her husband

Слава Каминская призналась в причине ссор с мужем

In a pair of not so smooth.

34-year-old Glory Kaminska — singer, member of the group “Neangely” for several years, happily married to a plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky. But not everything was perfect between couples that are faced with a crisis. It is the jealousy of women, which sometimes escalated into real hysteria, a year ago almost destroyed them with Edgar’s marriage. The crisis in family life almost caused a divorce Kaminski, reports the with reference to Clutch.

“The crisis is 3, 5, 7 and, in my opinion, 12 years. Here, they say, that the hormonal level is even happening. Well, we grew up in different families. We have different characters, Edgar calm, I am more hot-tempered. What for me norm, for it is not the norm. That to me is absolutely crazy, he takes it fine. In every family, it seems to me, in which there is a zero plus the joint life, they all had some such situation”, — says the singer.

To overcome a family crisis, the Glory had to abandon his solo career. On the question of whether the beloved is jealous to her job, Glory said the following:

“Absolutely fine. Well, he never shows it, he is very discreet. Sometimes I can turn hysterical. He does not like it, of course, but girls are girls,” says the star.

Now the glory of the Kaminska – an upstanding wife and mother of two children. But once its in show business was referred to as “the red-haired beast” or “girl with pepper”. The singer also said she cheated once husband.

“Well, really- clearly, no. And I don’t plan in principle,” says the star.

And in the time Fame took Edgar on the offensive, because he is not the first to show initiative.

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“Well, because he is. With him in another way. The first he never will be … Now I realize that even if we have some kind of conflict, I always go first to be reconciled, because I know that Edgar would never do that. Never. And I absolutely don’t regret that it did,” says the Glory Kaminska.

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