Testimonies of four women: the gynecologist raped us

Testimonies of four women: the gynecologist raped us

Affected women went to one of the country's leading gynecologists in a large hospital in the center for medical help. He was trusted as a leading physician and renowned specialist in his field. According to the patients, the doctor allegedly took advantage of their trust and hurt them during a delicate and intimate examination.

The testimonies of four women who do not know each other were made known to the editorial staff of Ynet and Yedioth Ahronoth. They all tell an almost identical story about a senior gynecologist.

The women, acting here under assumed names, claim they were ordained by a doctor who took advantage of being a gynecologist. Two injuries occurred in the hospital where he works, and two more in his private clinic.

One of the women even complained about him to the police, but on December 28, 2020, the prosecutor's office decided to close the case for lack of evidence.

Following the applicant's appeal, it was decided to open the case and re-investigate it.

In the meantime, although the investigation against the gynecologist continues, he continues to work as usual.

Ruth (56) consulted a specialist less than two years ago.

& ldquo; During the test, he did touch my points of sexual arousal. I asked him what he was doing and he replied that it should calm me down. I was shocked. ”

According to her, after being discharged from the clinic, she realized that the doctor had indeed raped her.

Ruth plucked up courage and filed a complaint with the police. “He was summoned and summoned for questioning.
A few months later I was informed that the case was closed because there was no basis for a lawsuit. I filed an appeal, which was accepted through the Sexual Assault Victim Center, but I still haven't been contacted. How can it be that he continues to work as usual? “

Khaya (32), an ultra-Orthodox psychologist from Beitar Illit, contacted him 11 years ago after a pelvic floor injury.

“ He saw on the computer that I was being treated by a psychiatrist with PTSD. I had injuries during childbirth. He asked them to be examined, although there was no reason for this. I agreed, but my husband stayed behind the curtain. During the check, he began to touch me sexually. I felt that he was trying to turn me on. I was helpless. and then he started rubbing against me until he calmed down and stopped. I come from a very religious family, I was 21 years old, but it was clear to me that there was an attack here. His method is to exploit women in trouble. When he realized that I was suffering from post-trauma, he took advantage of it. Perhaps he thought that since I am ultra-Orthodox, I don’t understand what’s going on. ”

Michal (30), an ultra-Orthodox woman from Bnei Brak, mother of two , consulted a senior physician after the health ministry decided to end funding for a number of procedures she was undergoing.

“I explained to him that I was no longer allowed treatment, and he said,“ There’s nothing I can do until I check it myself. ” It sounds cryptic because it is a bureaucratic problem, but I believed him. I lay down on the bed. My husband was behind the curtain. Then I felt him touch me sexually, as if he was trying to turn me on during a test. He looked into my eyes, as if he wanted to enjoy my beauty. I asked him to stop. I was shocked. ” According to her, after the incident, she suffered from trauma. & ldquo; To this day, I feel humiliated.
There is also an exploitation of ultra-orthodoxy here, he probably thought that I did not understand what sexual abuse is. Such a man should not be allowed to work with women, his place is in prison. ”

Adi (50) says that 18 years ago she was injured by a gynecologist.

& ldquo; I visited him several times. I needed to get tested in between pregnancies. During one of his visits, he touched me sexually, as if he wanted to turn me on. I was numb. I asked: & ldquo; What are you doing? & Rdquo; , and he said that he checked. A few minutes later I jumped up from my chair, took my things and left. I felt humiliated. I was confident in him, and he used his role to fulfill his desire.
It's terrible that he still practices. Maybe because he is an older man and they don’t want to lose him? & Rdquo;

Adi went to the hospital with a complaint, but they said that she was looking too seriously at the visit to the doctor. “ I was told not to get involved in this and go for myself. ''

Four testimonies were collected by Hani Malul, an ultra-Orthodox TV presenter who, after the Yehuda Mesha Zahava case, opened a database of testimonials about sexual < br />
& ldquo; The senior physician's story also developed in the same way, '' she says. & ldquo; And I am delighted to be able to publish stories that have been gathering dust in closets for too many years & rdquo ;.

In response, on behalf of the doctor, it was stated: & ldquo; This is a veteran and respected gynecologist who has dedicatedly and professionally treated thousands of patients. The work of a gynecologist is delicate and intimate, and for this reason, his practitioner is subject to more complaints than any other medical professional. The doctor never committed indecent acts with his patients. It is important to understand that complaints in this area are usually empty or arise due to a misunderstanding of the subject, and not due to the wrong actions of the attending physician. ''

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