Test: what would you do first?

Тест: що би ви зробили першим?

/ zen

Very interesting practive test. Look at the picture. What would you do first?

  • Turned off the kettle?
  • Answered the phone?
  • Took his hands and calmed the child?
  • Chased the dog that rips the couch?

The test results will tell you what traits you have dominated

Kettle. You are hot-tempered nature. Make decisions quickly and without hesitation. You probably don’t like monotonous classes, I prefer frequent changes of activity. You find it easier to follow the clear plans that don’t provide any surprises.

Phone. You focused and diplomatic. You can be described as a person who can handle multiple tasks at the same time. You easily communicate with people, people are drawn to you. You like to make acquaintances and be the center of attention.

Child. You even-tempered and calm person. Your mission – to help people. You are a family man and the relationship between people is a priority for you. You are afraid of loneliness, you it is important that there is always someone was. You think it’s better to spend the evening with family than at a noisy party.

Dog. You can’t handle the mess in every sense: both in the home and in life. It is important for you to keep everything under control. You will not be able to feel calm and confident, until things fall into place.

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