Test of knowledge in the field of cinema

The film is an interesting and progressive field of fine arts. Modern film industry is constantly experimenting with the flow of movies, with an emphasis on graphics, the minimalism of the image. Filmmakers are experimenting with genres, inventing new and combine existing ones. For their work they will definitely get a lot of awards. Among them: “Palme d’or”, “Golden lion”, “Oscar”, “Cesar”, “Golden globe” and several others.

A person who is versed in film, should not only watch a lot of movies and well-versed in the actors, but also to be able to learn directing, and sometimes even the operator. As a life hack we recommend you see at least 3-4 of the film one Director to better understand the peculiarities of his shooting and individual style.

Not be amiss and viewing films that receive prestigious awards. It is always possible to analyze these patterns and come to the conclusion that, whether we agree with the jury’s decision or not. Today we offer you to take a test that will let you know how good your knowledge of cinema.

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The test allowed us to determine the in-depth knowledge in the field of cinema, as it was submitted questions about movies, Directors and awards. Moreover, the footage was used from either cult films or from those who recently were awarded prestigious prizes. If the result was good, be proud!

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