Tesla vs horse: watch the epic race, which gave enthusiasts

Tesla проти коня: дивіться епічну гонку, яку влаштували ентузіасти

Tesla Model S wrestled with a horse

Usually the cars compared to each other. So Tesla has competed a number of models from other manufacturers. However, enthusiasts decided to go further – to have a race between the electric sedan Tesla and the horse. You will enjoy the video!

The race itself was held at the classic scenario: the participants drove in a straight line, made a 180-degree turn and returned.

Even despite the fact that the 590-horsepower electric car is many times faster than your opponent, the winner of this battle was a surprise for all viewers.

At the start of the expected car managed to lose the horse, but the pilot did not calculate the trajectory of the turn on the grass. This mistake cost him victory – the horse was much more maneuverable on the way back, managed to snatch the victory.

Recall that the British YouTube channel Archie Hamilton Racing decided to turn your Tesla Model 3 on a powerful carbut not with the installation of the engine combustion, and special modifications to the electric car used to give an imitation of the roar of the exhaust system. The car is able to give a powerful “exhaust” from your smartphone. There you can choose different sound profiles, and even simulation “pedal to the floor”.

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